Eileen Schmitz - Port Angeles, WA

Eileen Schmitz - Port Angeles, WA

I first started listening to Lee Tyler Post after my husband Jace died and it was really complicated for me emotionally to see this strong, sensitive man wearing a black hat sing beautiful songs of love and life and passion; it just made me miss Jace so terribly. Yet, inside the music of Lee Tyler Post are journeys; not an imagined journey of love or loss or miles traveled.

The music itself reaches into my soul with its depth and vibration, and the lyrics, which I am compelled to listen to repeatedly, those amazing lyrics help me sort out long forgotten or unresolved feelings - like what it was like to travel far away from home for the first time, what it was like to realize that real love had finally entered my life, and what it was like to lose a best friend.

On stage Lee Tyler Post has tremendous depth and seems to understand the mind-heart connection. And then when he gets off the stage he's this upbeat fellow that is really uplifting and fun. Plus I think his wife is amazing in her steadfastness of love.

Melanie in Charlotte, NC

The Maverick

Every once in a while a singer-songwriter comes along who transcends categorization. With a song catalog that is an alchemical blending of Southern rock, blues guitar, folk, and new country, Lee Tyler Post is that kind of musician. Lee has a voice that plucks soul-strings inside the listener. His music is potent, tactile, soothing and alarming all at once and his lyrics are unapologetically honest.

While singing about life's lost and life found emotions, Lee captures the attention of his listeners by reminding them of the important things in life, like aching beauty, kindness, and spirituality.

On the surface his simple style--a man with a guitar (and maybe a harmonica or tambourine)--appears benign, and inviting, and it is. But peel the shrink wrap from one of his albums and give it a listen; you will discover that there is a deeper undercurrent, like a heartbeat, to his music that informs the listener that this man is not ashamed to admit that has seen a lot of joy and sorrow in this life. His music is clear, honest, and unabashedly human. Lee Tyler Post is a maverick--a changeling--a magician. Check him out!

Update: Lee has completed his East Coast tour and is playing venues along the West Coast. Check his calendar for a venue near you! He is AMAZING live.

Janna Audey from Alexandria, VA

In The Presence of Greatness:

Last night I was in the presence of an angel, and it just brings my heart overwhelming emotion even as I write this, and tap back into the memory that is still lingering in my mind. The musician's name....Lee Tyler Post.

Feeling stagnant in my own creativity, well, I am once again inspired on more levels than I care to bore you with right now. But, let's just say there is a box of Kleenex to the left of my mouse...

The sound, the color, the soul, the pictures, the depth that this guy delivers with each note, strum, lyric...is truly beyond belief. Being entertained by a full-time, touring musician is such a blessing. It's not an easy life, but it is a gifted one. And I feel that much better to have been witness to it.

Andrea Reese - Singer/Songwriter - Winston Salem, NC

I believe in magic!

The magic that starts when an ordinary moment turns into and extraordinary experience. That's what happened this past Saturday night at Bistro 150 in Oak Ridge when I stepped on stage with Lee Tyler Post to sing a backup vocal or two. What started with some simple harmonies culminated in a powerful finale, "Freedom, I'm leaving it all up to you..." (You should go to www.myspace.com/leetylerpost and listen to Thunderclap!) I haven't experienced anything that powerful in a long, long time - it left me truly sorry the evening was over.

I love performing, and I've been doing it solo for over 10 years, but there's nothing that compares to the energy created when two or more people find that groove. Symbiosis!! I'd say, "heavy, man!" but I've been flying high ever since.

So, image my delight when Lee asked me to back him up whenever he's in this part of the world. How cool is that!? If you're reading this and live within driving distance of Greensboro/Winston-Salem (or you just need to take a roadtrip to catch a worthwile performance), consider coming out to Bistro 150 to catch one of Lee's performances. He's one of the most amazing songwriter/performers you'll ever have the opportunity to see and hear. You will not leave unmoved.

The next two shows with Lee Tyler Post will be May 10th and June 7th. Bistro 150 is located at the intersection of Hwy 150 and Hwy 68 just North of Kernersville (midway between Greesnboro and Winston-Salem, NC).

Tim in Washington

Tim in Washington

I am listening to LTP...have been since yesterday... what a find. The greatest collection of really outstanding accoustic songs I have ever encountered. Really ,I would not say that if were not true. I am amazed that much of the main stream world dosn't know. Thank you again..I am truely amazed!

Donnie Young of band "Muddbone" in Muscle Shoals Alabama

Donnie Young of band "Muddbone" in Muscle Shoals Alabama

Lee is one of the best song writers I have ever heard, I rank his heart felt and moving songs at the top with "heart of Gold","Needle and the Damage done" Amazing talent..rare in this day and age of cookie cutter music.

Lila - Port Angeles, WA

Go and see this guy! Awesome performance tonight at Dungeness Wine and Cheese in Sequim, where he is now playing regularly. He's been at JuandeFuca Festival (seen him twice there, bought 2 cds). Amazing voice and guitar. Songs from the heart for the soul.

Laurie in New York

I saw IAC artist Lee Tyler Post perform on WED In Greenwich Village!

Wow!! I always loved this mans voice and his songwriting. He seriously "brings it on" in his live performance. A true professional he is, and contributes something special to the art of music. If anyone has a chance to catch one of his shows while he's on tour this fall, you should not miss the chance!

Muddy Creek Cafe - Winston Salem, NC

Come hear this incredibly soulful singer with a phenomenal voice! As one person said..."I think that's the best voice I've ever heard."

Ben in Port Angeles, WA

Ben in Port Angeles, WA

Lee Tyler Post is like Asprin for your soul. When you just need a song to quiet your crazy day.....Lee has the song and the soul to do it. And so much more than that...

Stephen W. Roberts (Writer) Baltimore Maryland

Stephen W. Roberts (Writer) Baltimore Maryland

Possibly one of the most underrated and important artists of our time.

Brian in Denver

Great songs, Great guy...

I had the priviledge to play on an open stage with Lee in Nashville years ago. His song "Coffee and Wine" blew me away... Dim lights, sweat rolling off his face from the stage lights, his booming voice nearly blowing us off the stage.. Just him and his acoustic guitar.. That song has been one of my favorites and always will be.. If I could sing like him, maybe a couple of my songs would be out here... And to top it all off, Lee is a great guy! So many of those folks were so down hearted and discouraged because the 'few powers that be in Nashville' had been rejecting them over and over and I think they started to lose sight of the talent they really possess. It's great to see you on a much bigger stage Lee! Thanks for the powerful memory.

AJ in North Carolina

AJ in North Carolina

Listening to Lee's CDs..... You will find Healing.... for the Soul, Up-lifting in your Spirit..... and just a all around "AWE"... for the phenomenal talent, in which this guy reaches from down deep inside his soul.

The Genuineness of Lee's character is shown thru in his music.... When this kind and gentle spirited spoken person, starts to sing..... no words... can describe your reaction.....

Thank You Lee, for sharing what you do.... with the world.... and making it, a much better place.....

Cindi in New Hampshire

Cindi in New Hampshire

Lee Tyler Post...... YOU ROCK MAN!!!!! You Must of Had ONE HUGE Helping of "Humble Pie", cuz YOU are The Most Humble Person, with Such A HUGE Gift, That I Know (kinda, sorta haha) That SHOULD BE FAMOUS!!!

I have to say I AGREE, that it's all about Money in this Industry AND NOT Talent...If it were SO.... YOU WOULD HAVE A Major Recording Contract :)) But alas, we must await your coming to see us "little people", to Play Your Heart OUT... JUST TO SEE OUR SMILES!!! :)))) Like ummmm MINE "Someday Soon"!!!

PEACE n LOVE To You and The Lady In YOUR LIFE, That Makes YOU SMILE!!!! cindi xx

Leslie in San Diego, CA

Leslie in San Diego

As my daughter and I were exiting the Natalie Cole performance at the Del Mar Fairgrounds last year, I heard a live band playing near the grand stand exit. We walked over to get a glimpse of that show and ended up staying till the end. On the spot, we purchased both CDs and have been fans ever since. Lee came over and introduced himself, thanking us for sticking around.

Months later, I saw him performing at a Borders bookstore. When he noticed me between songs, he threw up his hand and said 'Hi Leslie'. Between sets, he asked me how my daughter was doing and even remembered her name. His wife and mother were there and remembered us as well. Lee's personable style and appreciation for those who listen to his music is so refreshing.

As for his music...I find it captivating. His expressive, strong voice pulls you into his songs. His lyrics unique and intriguing my favorites, "Highway 47", and "Almost Over You" He makes you stop and say, 'I wish I could write something like that'. There is no mistake that he loves his music as much as the rest of us do.

Shadow Gypsy - NM

I lost both albums i had of yours and I miss them like hell. I watched you play in Barnes and noble a couple years ago...Love your music! :)

Kris Ferris in Greensboro, NC

Kris Ferris in Greensboro, NC

After hearing you at the Flat Iron the other night, I can hardly call myself a singer. I was blown away by your voice. I can see your heart is in your performance by the way the energy flowed from you. It is a pleasure knowing you and I hope I get the chance to see you again in your travels. I wish you much success in you endeavors, it is obvious you have worked hard to make things happen so you deserve the fruits of your labors. If you ever need a guitarist singer to back you up, I work cheap!!!!!..........hehe.

PS - I am going to give you my observation of your CD's. But relax, as I am no professional critic or expert. I just want to say that what I heard was great, but hardly did you justice when I had the live performance to compare to.

Marija - Alberta, CA

Marija - Alberta, CA

Lee has that natural ability to take us to a drive into the mountains, a thought about a loved one, a memory buried.... Lee, James and I LOVE your music, REALLY love it.
Thank you so much for singing truthfully... soulfully.

T.Pearson from Encinitas, CA

T.Pearson from Encinitas

A friend and I had the distinct pleasure of catching a live performance at Barnes & Noble this evening...what a show! It's rare that I come across an independent coffee house type performer that can really "hold his own" if you know what I mean. This guy is great! And this isn't even my genre of choice. Lyrically he has the depth of any of the greats that have come and gone. Vocally he measures up to The Eagles, Journey (at times) and there's definitely a belting ability, though I'm sure it's not his style. What a range!

Often times when hearing acoustic performers singing in coffee houses and such...if you've heard one of their songs, you've heard them all. Not so with this guy! Each song was a rare treat. I'm glad we stumbled across Lee tonight and we are definitely going to be showing up for another of his shows! Lee, You put on one heck of a show and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sherill Lisse of The Netherlands

Sherill Lisse of The Netherlands

Even in Dutch it's kinda hard to find the right words to react on your music. Thanks muchos, my dear friend for being such a great guy and an extraordinay singer. As always: Love and Hugs for you and Jackie!

"Lee's music is like taking a bath in warm chocolate, and I'm taking sips too, now and then. Sheer delight"

Susan in Oregon

Susan in Oregon

This is a musician who must be heard. A soulful poet with a voice from God. This gentle spirit has it all. Please take the time to listen. You won't be disappointed.

Tim Prince of England

Tim Prince of England

Having had the pleasure to open for Lee a few times, I can say that he is, without doubt, the best singer I've ever heard in the 'rock' genre. He's a top lyricist too. 'Emancipate' is one of my favourite albums of all time.

If he could read a map, he'd be perfect!

Previous Tim Prince Comment: Lee's songs are true. You can hear it in the way he sings his great words. His songs make me feel glad to be alive, free and living in the time I am. His songs give me a heart full of hope. And that's really something.

Wy in California

Wy in California

Dear Lee, Just read your "survey letter" and chose to reply email instead of signing up on My Space. You are welcome to "quote" me... First of all, I could just read your lyrics and be inspired, to think new things and revel in your use of imagery. The music makes the words soar and settle deep in my thoughts and feelings. The way you use your voice amazes me again and again. Yep, still blown away after 10 plus years! Cuz you just keep getting better and better. Second I do enjoy just hearing you play -- not that that happens often, but I am still moved just listening to you work those strings to tell your stories - yea, even without words because your passion for the music won't be contained. Third, you know that I truly appreciate all your CDs and play them often -- at home, in the car -- and mostly when I am alone because I still prefer to LISTEN without distraction. While I enjoy your music with a band (well, there are a few exceptions with some who have 'backed' you), I most deeply connect with your solo acoustic tracks with self accompaniment and the vocal harmonies, harmonica, tambourine, etc. Someday would love to hear my favorites with a FULL orchestra. As I told you long ago, the listener misses so much not seeing and hearing you live. So, please keep on writing, singing, playing, recording, and performing. Love, Wy

Carol in New Jersey

Carol in New Jersey

If you're on the fence about buying Lee's cds....JUST DO IT! They're great!!! I have them all and let me tell you, they would be cheap at twice the price!!! Lee's emotional voice and creative, thoughtful and eloquent lyrics will make you want to hear them again and again and again! So, hurry up and buy them!!!! What are you waiting for!!!

The Night-Watchmen - Gentry Bronson

Review by Gentry Bronson:

Lee Tyler Post is one of those rare finds from the back of a dusty old antique store where under a pile of broken bone china you find a stack of records and each one is brilliant.

This man is part demon and part angel and you can hear it in his voice, which rings of many awe inspiring influences. Ian Astbury (The Cult), Chris Cornell (Audioslave/Soundgarden), and Mark Lanegan (The Screaming Trees/Queens Of The Stone Age/The Mark Lanegan Band) vibrate alongside Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard in Lee's soulful, explosive voice.

And his songwriting is all soul, with heavy splashes of torment and bursts of beautiful resurrection. This is a man of the road who's incredibly prolific songwriting reflect his experiences with complete honesty. Creep inside this man's musical mind straight from the dirt and sweat of the blues and the grit of rock, and you will find some pain, a few tears, and a lot of salvation."

Mama B in Saskatoon, Canada

Mama B in Saskatoon, Canada

I have Lee's CD's and they are all written and sung from the heart by one of the best voices out there in my opinion. Definitely a lot of soul!

Black Rose Cafe in Tucson, AZ

Black Rose Cafe in Tucson

Lee Tyler Post is an awesome performer. His music is powerful and riveting. He has wonderful stage presence – interacting with his audience. He really appreciates his fans and treats them like family.

Michelle in Texas

Michelle in Texas

YOU WILL NEVER FIND A BETTER MUSIC PURCHASE! I have just listened to each one! There is not a bad song in them. I've read each of the comments left too and they can say it much better than I do. Lee Tyler Post you never cease to amaze me! Beauty man, pure beauty."

Susan in Alabama

Susan in Alabama

Sending some love from Alabama! Me and my family love your voice. We found out in 2006 that my sisters youngest son (11yrs old) has a brain tumor. We took him to the doobie brothers concert with peter phrantom, tayler swift, carrie underwood, but he has heard your music on my space and absolutley loves your voice.

When he spent the night with me, he made me plug the big speakers in to the computer so he could listen, for i don't have a stereo in my new home yet( built in 1875). we listen to you through the night. Sending some love from Ryan and his aunt susan.

Debbie - TX

Debbie In Texas

Lee and Jackie are the kindest people you could ever meet. Lee's music reaches right down into your soul. Once you hear it you won't forget it.

Steve from Victoria, BC

Steve from Victoria, BC

Hi Lee, last week I was down in Tucson for a conference and saw your performance at Borders. Unfortunately I was not able to stay for the entire performance, but was very touched by what I did hear. I especially like the song "Vacant" probably because I was missing my wife. Anyways, thank you for playing your heart out for us.

Glenda in Kentucky

Glenda in Kentucky

I really do adore your music, and everyone I've ever shared it with has had nothing but complimentary things to say in return. Your sweetness of spirit comes through in this piece, as well as your music. It is one of your gifts. I can't speak highly enough of your "Emancipate" CD. Every tune, every line, every note. It's just perfect! It is my all time favorite of yours, though you can't go wrong with any of them. It is one of those landmark CD's that don't come along very often (like Neil Young's Harvest or the Beatle's Sgt. Pepper). Lee, your music touches a secret place in my soul...and Emancipate is a musical masterpiece.

Having ordered your CD's, I can personally testify to the fact that you will be getting some awesome music in return for your money, and I highly encourage anyone to treat yourself to Lee's music.

Gina in Sacremento, CA

Gina in Sacremento

Wow, had to tell you this. Had you CD playing in the car~with my 17 year old son. He said, "wow, who is that? He really has talent!....not my kind of music...but he's really good." I smiled ~ (he usually asks me if he can change the music) He likes Slip Knot~ Rage Against the Machine ~ and stuff like that (he won't admit to outsiders but does like Johnny Cash and Andrea Bochelle caught his attention)~ think he's got an ear for music ~ cool, huh?~ well take care~ get good rest....and wow...keep doing what you are doing.

Also wanted to add, You must be very humble (and be proud of it) lol~ Because you write your own music, do your own mixing, play the guitar, what else have you not told us? Maybe you should have your wife or someone else give a little bio ~ because I was blown away when I got your CDs and saw how much of the work YOU did ~~ awesome!!!! How come you are not famous? ~ Maybe because you won't let "the industry" tell you how to do it.~~Is your music ever heard on the radio ? I just scratch my head, "how come he is not on every radio station in the country??????" hmmm?

And I have not heard a song I don't like. I listened to part of "Emancipate"~ it was like hot oatmeal on a cold rainy day ~~ so soothing and smooth. The acoustics ~ voice range ~ simple ~ earthy ~ sultry ~ LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!


Lee is the most "soulturated" singer/songwriter/self produced/troubador/musician alive. We are truly fortunate to have his presence and his music on this planet. The man has soul. The man has backbone. We miss him back east. Peace to you brother and sister.

Kitty in San Diego, CA

Kitty in San Diego

A rare talent with a great understanding on how to create music, that can take you to where he was, when he wrote the words - and gave them life.

Peter In Seattle, WA
Peter In Seattle
Jo and I went tonight (C&P Coffee) and this guy is amazing. I've seen and heard alot of music and he put's his heart into it. July 31st he plays again. It's free and I've paid $50 a ticket to hear many who are less talented. YOU should go.
Billy Shepard in Ohio

Billy Shepard in Ohio

Lee, I have all your albums as you know. I've listened to all of them and they are each a very sensitive way of seeing the world. You find a way to stand on two feet and live free as a man in those songs, regardless of the subject.

Some good songs by other artists sound like whining after I understood what you were doing. $30 for that collection is a great deal. Anyone who listens beyond the beat and the sound will find a doorway into the heart.

Just one man's opinion.